Tech mining, tools for managing large amounts of scientific information

On Thursday, February 20th a very interesting session at the Media-TIC building was organized by the group KIMO (Knowledge and Information Management in Organisations ) and IN3. The session was organized in two parts. The first one was presented by Paul Frey, President and CEO of Search Technology, Inc. The second was led by Fernando Palop co-founder of TRIZ XXI and lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Exemple de gràfica generada per the Vantage Point

Bubble chart graph created by the Vantage Point

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Altmetrics, or altenative metrics, statistics that describes us more. But, best?

(translation of the article published in ComeIn originally written in catalan)

Scientifics have been debating for years about a data, an indicator. As simple and clever as it was when it was imagined by Eugene Garfield. But the clever it is, the headaches it has caused. Of course, we are talking about the impact factor. Yes, it is just an indicator for the expected citations can receive a paper in a given. So easy and 40 years being discussed.

Figura 1. Indicators used by PLOS through the Article Level Metrics

Figure 1. Indicators used by PLOS through the Article Level Metrics

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Brand-new challenges in Fahrenhet 2014: posts in English!

It’s the moment for the new beginning in my English acknowledgement. What does this mean? I still don’t really know, but it’s clear that something should be done. That’s probably the first step as I consider that my written English ran the risk to become rustier. Is it possible to write weekly a post in English? Will I be enough confident to publish it without no correction from anyone else? Will people understand the many mistakes I will probably do? Yeah, I hope so.

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