Tech mining, tools for managing large amounts of scientific information

On Thursday, February 20th a very interesting session at the Media-TIC building was organized by the group KIMO (Knowledge and Information Management in Organisations ) and IN3. The session was organized in two parts. The first one was presented by Paul Frey, President and CEO of Search Technology, Inc. The second was led by Fernando Palop co-founder of TRIZ XXI and lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Exemple de gràfica generada per the Vantage Point

Bubble chart graph created by the Vantage Point

After the presentation by Paul Frey about what Tecn Mining is and his product The Vantage Point, the talk revolved around the great possibilities that allow specific tools and programs to try and digest large amounts of information, a real problem for being up-to-date of major scientific and technological advances. In this sense, the current literature databases contain huge amounts of data that can potentially be very useful both for researchers and businesses. However, often the difficulty lies in identifying relevant information buried in that mountain of data, access it and being able to analyze it globally.

Tech Mining, i.e. the application of data science to scientific, technological and patents databases, tries to solve this problem. In the presentation, it was presented how the extraction of a large number of records in multiple databases to check the possible evolutions and even target future trends was possible. All these tools can prove very suitable for Competitive Intelligence companies and institutions dependent on the fast evolution of scientific and technical knowledge.

For his part, Fernando Palop talked about a case study, the field of regenerative medicine, also called tissue engineering (Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, TERM ), from an approach based on technical Mining Tech. Thus, that allowed us to see how these tools worked and were able to bring out knowledge present in the raw data.

In the turn of questions from the audience, some crucial questions for information professionals were considered, such as which is the limit on the number of records to be processed (there is none, the limit is the time it could take to work with such data), and especially if it is considered that such a tool is better used by end-users ( those who take strategic decisions ) or by information professionals. Given the expertise included in the tool capabilities include the display of data, it was proposed that professionals were the best trained to work with these tools.

In short, a really useful tool, The Vantage Point,was presented, based on a proprietary technology to manage large amounts of data, an important challenge for Competitive Intelligence .

KIMO website


The Vantage Point


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