Brand-new challenges in Fahrenhet 2014: posts in English!

It’s the moment for the new beginning in my English acknowledgement. What does this mean? I still don’t really know, but it’s clear that something should be done. That’s probably the first step as I consider that my written English ran the risk to become rustier. Is it possible to write weekly a post in English? Will I be enough confident to publish it without no correction from anyone else? Will people understand the many mistakes I will probably do? Yeah, I hope so.


I think there are two ways of writing in English for a non-native speaker. The first one could be writing as the same speed as we think, fast and without consider enoughly the quality of the expression. Once written, it could be the moment for correct possible mistakes, only if we are able to find it. The second one could be trying to think the perfect way to say something in English, probably translating from Catalan. This second process implies surely that writing is realy slow and not fluent. The better you write, the slower you are. I prefer the first one.

Thus, I will try to separate writing in an academic way and writing in a usual way. So, I have to apologise for many of the mistakes I will do. Why I say many? because many of them could be identified as reading and reading many times the final version. But I think it’s important that this process remains as fresh as I would like. Which is the real aim, then? For sure, getting closer to that time that I was really confident talking and writting in English.

Moreover, what I am trying to say is that I will try,  weekly, to write in English. I will even create a category called (Posts in English). This will be the real way of confirming if I have been enough tenacious to do it. Assuming that what is weekly could be happen to be biweekly, I will cite the classic sentence from Yoda, “Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try”.

This new feature will probably be used for reviewing papers (written in English, of course), or when I would consider that I want to collaborate in a global debate, usually regarding the Scientific Communication subjects, such as Open Access, Journals and so on.

Have a nice reading, don’t consider only my own mistakes and, please, write to me (alopezbo at if there is something really wrong (be as polite as possible, please :)).


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